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God wants us to know, love and trust Him.  He gives us jewels of strength and hope even in our darkest times.  He is always with us in the good and the bad times.

‘I will go before you
 and make the crooked places straight; 
I will break in pieces the gates of bronze 
and cut the bars of iron.  I will give you the treasures of darkness
 and hidden riches of secret places, 
that you may know that I, the Lord, 
who call you by your name, 
am the God of Israel.”    (Isaiah 45:2-3)

 God has given us the incredible privilege to KNOW, to LOVE and to TRUST Him!  So that we will know Him, He reveals Himself every day, not only in the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset, but also in the little things of life. 

 He also reveals Himself through His Word – the Bible – consisting of the old and the New Testament.  And He reveals Himself through the miracle that is Israel and the Jewish people

 He promises that if we will diligently seek Him, He will be found!

 I have learned that He is faithful.  When I haven’t been able to hear His voice and am uncertain, unsure of what step to take next, I trust in His character and promises. 

 May you see God’s glory through these little jewels that come from my life’s experiences, sometimes in the sunlight and sometimes in the dark.

Joanie’s Jewels – Blog

The Winds of Change

Friends, we have all been thrust, suddenly and unexpectedly into these winds of change.  I believe this is a kind-of dress rehearsal for what lays ahead. Therefore, we need to find refuge in God’s hand of grace and mercy.  Being assured of His faithfulness, we can walk through these winds with determination, regardless of the circumstances, to fulfill God’s purposes through our lives for such a time as this!

A New Normal

It was a David versus Goliath moment as PM Bibi announced the steps necessary to combat our unseen enemy – Covid-19.  I felt numb as I watched his grim “game face” and listened to his rapid staccato gun-fire presentation.  I heard but couldn’t process what he was saying.  Until he spoke words that took no processing….

The Parable of the Sea Shells

Remembering, rejoicing and resting are what the biblical feasts are all about. Celebrating Jesus through the biblical feasts are anchors for our souls

The Beauty of Cultures in the Kingdom (video)

All followers of Christ share the God’s culture. Yet He has given us a beauty of cultures within the Kingdom. Let us share and learn from each other as we worship together in Spirit, Truth, Humility and Love.

Faith or Works?

But for the last few days, there has been some disappointments from unexpected places.  Faith and excitement were soon overwhelmed by doubt and fear.

Why I celebrate the Incarnation

20 years ago the Lord melted my heart from anger and resentment toward the Gentiles, feelings I didn’t know were there.  

Rooted and Grounded

There was one particularly ugly and bothersome plant that spewed its huge leaves onto the little space of patio.  It had to go!

My Right to Live

"You have no right to be pregnant." "We cannot afford this baby." "I'm not ready to be a ..." "You're just a child yourself." These words, spoken over a child in the womb will damage the child for the rest of his or her life. Although the words are spoken to or by the...

Heart check-up

In the first foundational steps of a major project, the Holy Spirit keeps giving me a "heart check-up."  I won't trust anyone (especially myself)  who doesn't admit an internal and continual battle against the flesh.  Years and a variety of experiences have prepared...

Law versus Grace

“We’re not under “law” but under “grace.”  How often have you heard-or even said-that? But is that true? If so, that means that God has changed over the years. 

God’s Sovereign Choice: Psalm 114, Isaiah 25:6-9, 1 Corinthians 15

November 30, 2013 Raleigh, NC   A new day, a new life style, using technology for my daily journal.  Abba I miss the joy of writing my hand, color coding, drawings.  But this will preserve the wonderful body you have made for me.  O God use me as long as you have...

Facing the pain and seeing Your faithfulness

November 30, 2013   HOME It gets harder and harder to come into your presence.  Pain?  So easy to be distracted by "life" issues - email, Facebook, cooking soup. But You are there, You never leave or get distracted away from me.  It's so easy to rest in knowing You...

The way of the New Covenant, December 2

Thank You Lord for the lessening pain this morning.  I was able to walk, sweep, bend my knees and make breakfast almost pain free. Thank you for the reminder of Your provision and grace. Only you can touch my body and bring order out of this chaos.  I want to be...

Rooted and Grounded

The unhindered view from the 6tth floor apartment is spectacular especially at sunset; but it does have a challenge -there is no protection from sun or from wind. Over the past few years I’ve had to experiment to discover what plants will grow well in such...

There Were Two Trees

There were two trees in the garden. No not the Garden of Eden, but in my friend's backyard. One still had many leaves on it, but the other had lost most, leaving its branches bare. The one tree seemed quite naked, exposed, and vulnerable. It seemed the perfect picture...

The Testimony of Faith

To the non-believer, rejoicing and hoping during times of adversity and affliction seems to be an exercise in futility or unreality.  The non-believer challenges, "How can a loving God allow such pain? " Many believers might ask the same question, albeit not publicly....

Grieving – Psalm 75

The grief was unbearable and tears were my only relief.  I grieved for: God The church The lost My grief started with Psalm 75: We give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks! For Your wondrous works declare that Your name is near. (verse 1) It would be presumptuous of...

I Hate Christmas!

“I hate this time of year!” “Me, too,” her friend replied as they walked into the synagogue. “I hate having Christmas shoved down my throat.” I

Squeeze My Hand

SQUEEZE MY HAND Boffin was probably the most important thing in my life.  He was my companion, as well as my comforter.  True he had four legs instead of two, but he understood me.  We could communicate without words.  He taught me commitment superceeded convenience. ...

Impacting a Nation

Hundreds of pastors and leaders heard the message “The Witness OF Israel” and the consequences of turning their back on the Jewish people and responded with deep repentance. To those who committed to pray for and teach about Israel we presented the Israeli flag and a bookmark with seven Biblical reasons to pray for Israel.

Occupy the Temple Mount

One said to me,

On a recent visit to the Temple Mount, a man said to me: “The Mosque belongs to us, everything else up here belongs to the Jews!”

That statement is politically correct and also explains the sudden Muslim activity in the area. Call it occupation or squatting, this is an attempt to “prove” the entire Temple Mount belongs to “Palestine.”

Traditions or Witchcraft?

The traditions of men pervert, defile and disguise who God is. They divide and not unify. They glorify men and not God. Lastly, traditions often turn into witchcraft. Witchcraft?!!

UN Update – the Speeches

As I watched the live stream from the UN it felt that God was watching as intently as I was. I thank him that someone had the good sense to change the schedule and Bibi spoke about 2:30 rather than 9:00. Abbas Tumultuous applause greeted Mr Abbas and he rose to the...


Today much of the Church doesn’t read the prophets (or they allegorize them). Thus they remain ignorant of the significance TO THEIR OWN LIVES of the decisions their countries are making in relationship to Israel. I believe that we are truly entering into the time of Ezekiel 38-39. I will not set dates, but our lives are about to change – drastically. It might not be upon the vote of the UN on the 23rd, it might take a year or two. But change it will.

Lessons from Tisha b’Av

The lesson from Tisha b’Av and the witness of Israel is that God will NOT be mocked. What we sow we will reap. As I read the fatal promise of Israel I wept. I wept for God whose love and holiness was so mocked as the people continued not only to disobey, but to worship other gods. They blatantly continued to sacrifice to the Queen of heaven even on the sacred streets of Jerusalem. How patient was God!

Eventually the Faithful and True had to respond. He cleansed the Land, He cleansed the people. And He came to save them.

What Do You Seek?

I think that Jesus is still asking that question.  What DO we seek when we turn to Him?  Sure sometimes we ask and ask and ask. We come to Him with our lists.  But I think there is so much more that He really wants to give us.

Psalm 78:9-11 – Run or Remember

Admittedly when I forget, I too run from the battle.  Yes despite all the weapons God has given me, I will choose comfort food, movies, the telephone or a good book rather than fighting the battle. 

A Sobering Word from Lance Lambert

As with all prophetic words, test it against the Word of God.  If it lines up, even if the words seem harsh, accept and act on it. j ****************** It is well with you that you intercede for Israel that she be saved, for it is My purpose to save her. I will...


The roar of Israeli air force fighter jets shattered the silence of the skies. My dog nobly barked at them. I thanked G-d for that sound of those Jewish knights of the sky. Soon after I heard the voice of Israeli children at school singing the Israel national anthem, Ha Tikva- the Hope.


The Biggest Mathematical Miracle Ever The Biggest Mathematical Miracle In The World!!!" Moses and the people were in the desert, but what was he going to do with them? They had to be fed,  and feeding 2 or 3 million people requires a lot of food.  According to...


When faced with disappointment or challenge, God's love will get us through. God's Love part 1 God's Love part 2 God's Love part 3

Is Egypt in Psalm 83?

Given the current situation in Egypt, it behooves us to search the Scriptures again to glean God's perspective. We must stay informed as Israel continues to be the watershed of world events. I suggest the following link as a good starting point. By Bill Salus Most...

The Third Day

This morning was an "A HAH!" moment. You know the kind, when you get a sudden revelation from text you've read many times. Consider the Creation account in Genesis 1, especially on the third day: Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields...

Christmas Testimony

God used an ice storm to show me how angry I was at His love for the Gentiles.

In Memory of Kristine Luken

I can imagine in her dying breath she said, “Father forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing.”

Why Should You Die?

God promises us new hearts at the moment of salvation as He replaces a heart of stone and sin with a heart of flesh. But what about our hearts AFTER that precious moment? How do we maintain and nurture those new hearts? Consider these two parallel verses: Create in me...

My Jewish Dog

The Jewish Dog by Paul Cohen on Monday, September 27, 2010 at 3:02pm Morty visits Dr. Saul, the veterinarian, and says, "My dog has a problem." Dr. Saul says, "So, tell me about the dog and the problem." "It's a Jewish dog. His name is Irving and he can talk," says...

Israel – Rejoice, Ignore or Condemn?

Sometimes I feel like shouting that to the nations of the world regarding Israel, but realize they will not listen. They are too busy shouting condemnations at us for “occupying” the land.

I also want to shout it to the Church who should know and understand the miracle of Israel that is taking place at such a time as this. Sadly some of the Church, rather than rejoicing in the fulfillment of God’s Word, are joining the voices of condemnation.

A Close Call in the Shouk

I was a nano second away from punching the guy, or at least shoving him. I'm sorry if you're disappointed to learn that your 65 year old friend, who stands 5'2" and claims to be born-again has feet of clay! But then, you probably are NOT surprised. But did you know...


A.W. Pink is one of those past saints who really understood the Word and his times. His words, written in 1928, are as applicable - probably more so- today than they were back then. Pink laments the humanistic way we look at God, dethroning Him with ourselves. Let us...

Seeking God In New Ways

In this day and season of change, we are losing all that has been familiar and comfortable. The kind of loss we experience really doesn’t matter, the pain is universal and can devastate if not destroy our faith.

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