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God wants us to know, love and trust Him.  He gives us jewels of strength and hope even in our darkest times.  He is always with us in the good and the bad times.

‘I will go before you
 and make the crooked places straight; 
I will break in pieces the gates of bronze 
and cut the bars of iron.  I will give you the treasures of darkness
 and hidden riches of secret places, 
that you may know that I, the Lord, 
who call you by your name, 
am the God of Israel.”    (Isaiah 45:2-3)

 God has given us the incredible privilege to KNOW, to LOVE and to TRUST Him!  So that we will know Him, He reveals Himself every day, not only in the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset, but also in the little things of life. 

 He also reveals Himself through His Word – the Bible – consisting of the old and the New Testament.  And He reveals Himself through the miracle that is Israel and the Jewish people

 He promises that if we will diligently seek Him, He will be found!

 I have learned that He is faithful.  When I haven’t been able to hear His voice and am uncertain, unsure of what step to take next, I trust in His character and promises. 

 May you see God’s glory through these little jewels that come from my life’s experiences, sometimes in the sunlight and sometimes in the dark.

Joanie’s Jewels – Blog

Negotiations About What?

Many possible Israeli concessions would be suicidal By George F. Will Sunday, August 22, 2010 JERUSALEM 'Twas a famous victory for diplomacy when, in 1991 in Madrid, Israelis and Palestinians, orchestrated by the United States, at last engaged in direct negotiations....

Israeli Humor

ISRAEL: by Israeli humorist, Efraim Kishon (Kishont Ferenc): Israel is a country surrounded on all sides by enemies, but the people's headaches are caused by the neighbors upstairs. Israel is the only country in the world where the coffee is already so good that...

Pres. Obama’s Double Standard

But for Obama, there are some groups who must be denied the same civil rights he upholds as absolute in his defense of the plan to build a mosque at Ground Zero.

Another Side of Israel

The truths herein are not commonly known or understood. This was written by a young woman who's only been in country for year. That she "got it" so fast reveals how God is using the younger generation! Please use the following for prayer. j **************** Hi...

Israelis – A Happy People

THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD Brian Henry, Special to the National Post · Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2010 Canada and Israel have much in common. We're both big believers in democracy and in fairness, we're both highly diverse multicultural societies and both of us have...

Decoy Jews?

“Decoy Jew” is a new phrase in the Netherlands. Jews are no longer safe in major Dutch cities such as Amsterdam . Since 1999, Jewish organizations in the Netherlands have been complaining that Jews who walk the Dutch streets wearing skullcaps risk verbal and physical...

Israel is not the same!

This has been a very long and exhausting day. BUT it has also been a productive day as I was able to arrange for Internet service and a land line. I know to Americans that doesn't sound like a great achievement, but here in Israel it took almost two full days of phone...

Jerusalem – A Real City

My day started early...a bit of jet lag? Maybe excitement? Maybe something I ate last night? Perhaps all of the above. For on this first Shabbat I'm back in the Land, I'm heading to the City of the Great King! Jerusalem. The very name evinces excitement. Over the...

A Day in My Life

Shavua tov! That is the greeting which means, "Good week" for Sunday begins Israel's work week. Remember, the Bible records that Jesus rose "on the first day of the week." Doesn't that make sense that we should begin our week remembering and celebrating the...

Returning Home!

November 2008 I arrived in Portland, OR for what was to be a three month hiatus. Some of my advisers had been suggesting (rather forcefully) that I consider staying a bit longer. We all had differing goals for my time here, but at the top of everyone's list was REST!...

Those Troublesome Jews!

Friday, June 4, 2010 The world is outraged at Israel's blockade of Gaza. Turkey denounces its illegality, inhumanity, barbarity, etc. The usual U.N. suspects, Third World and European, join in. The Obama administration dithers. But as Leslie Gelb, former president of...

Farewell Good Friend.

  Jews For Jesus Founder Moishe Rosen goes Home to Y'shua Michael Ireland (May 25, 2010) Rejection by his family "didn't deter him from following his destiny… if anything, it brought him closer to his Messiah, who was 'despised and rejected' by so many. Moishe...

Witness of Israel, Part 2

God's love for Israel - both the people and the land defies understanding.  Since the birth of the nation, we have consistently and continuously rebelled and rejected His love.  Nevertheless, His love is even MORE consistent and continuous. Of course His love does not...

Israel’s Size or Existence?

… we cannot fully appreciate God’s loving faithfulness for the world if we don’t understand His love for Israel – the people and the land.

Israel: Life from the Dead

"Life from the dead" was the Lord's message through me today. Israel has never been "my" message, as my focus has been evangelism of the lost and revival of the church.  "What" I thought "could I say about Israel that would stay in line with the focus of my life?" The...

Offering Coffee, Cocoa, and Living Water

  Jesus met a Samaritan woman at the well of Jacob.  Although He asked her for a drink of water, His hope was that she would accept His offer of  living water.  Only His water would satisfy thirst forever. Along with a team of 12 others, I went to the 2010...

More than Gold

Greetings from Vancouver, British Columbia!  Home of the Winter Olympics. After a VERY brief turn around in Portland, Oregon (just enough time to get my computer and phone operational) I squeezed into a much too small car for a 12+ hour trip north. Fortunately the...

Home with a bang!

Flying over Mt Hood was breathtaking.  I was glad for a window seat - the first time I didn't have a aisle seat. The flight was easy, punctuted by bouts of sleeping, watching movies (nothing of value) and reading, "The Blind Spot (ignoring all the football trivia)....

Testimony of God’s Healing Touch

Testimony from Jina This past weekend I went to the meetings where Joan Lipis was speaking and was blown away! I am still relishing the way the Spirit moved in so many of our lives in such an intimate, wonderful way. Even though I have 20+ notes from the two days...

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