On a beautiful and peaceful Shabbat two precious women were brutally attacked in the hills of Jerusalem.

Kaye Wilson, an acquaintance who was the best Hebrew teacher I’ve had managed to escape.  Her wounds were critical but not fatal.

Kristine’s wounds were fatal.

These two women reflect the miracle of God’s grace.  Kay is Jewish, Kristine is Gentile.  Kay is from the UK, Kristine is from the US.  Both love Israel and the Messiah of Israel.  Both faced their mortality with the confident assurance of their final and eternal destination – Heaven.

Kay is slowly recovering from her wounds, Kristine is completely healed.

The community is still in shock at the brutality of the attack  in the middle of the day.  These hills are filled with trails traversed by many Israelis especially on Shabbat.

One young friend of mine is grieving just as much from the loss of her freedom as she is from the loss of a sister in the Lord.  She said to me, “Every night I walk home from school, alone under the stars.  This is my place of worship and I sing as loudly as I can.”

The memorial service for Kristine was glorious.  Every eulogy, every Scripture and every hymn was carefully selected to honor Kristine and give glory to the Lord and HOPE to us all!

Kristine Memorial

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