Jewels From the Word

Grieving – Psalm 75

The grief was unbearable and tears were my only relief.  I grieved for: God The church The lost...

Law versus Grace

“We’re not under “law” but under “grace.”  How often have you heard-or even said-that? But is that true? If so, that means that God has changed over the years. 

Psalm 78:9-11 – Run or Remember

Admittedly when I forget, I too run from the battle.  Yes despite all the weapons God has given me, I will choose comfort food, movies, the telephone or a good book rather than fighting the battle. 

The Third Day

This morning was an "A HAH!" moment. You know the kind, when you get a sudden revelation from...

What Do You Seek?

I think that Jesus is still asking that question.  What DO we seek when we turn to Him?  Sure sometimes we ask and ask and ask. We come to Him with our lists.  But I think there is so much more that He really wants to give us.

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