As I watched the live stream from the UN it felt that God was watching as intently as I was.

I thank him that someone had the good sense to change the schedule and Bibi spoke about 2:30 rather than 9:00.

Tumultuous applause greeted Mr Abbas and he rose to the occasion.  He flung his accusations against the “occupier” Israel into the air where they mixed with the thunderous approval of most of the delegates.He played an emotional tirade making his appeal to grant the Palestinians rightful address for the horrors of the past 64 years.  And yet, he kept pointing to the settlements as the reason why there is no peace.  (His rhetoric is better than his math as the settlements began in 1967!)

When he held up the bid for statehood, the chamber exploded.

The contrast was stark.  Bibi entered a half full chamber and the applause was more polite than warm.He looked so tired and almost defeated.  I loved his obvious comfort in speaking to such an assembly.

There were no accusations, but rather recriminations against the absurdity of the institution itself.

Bibi confronted only some of the myriad of lies told by Mr. Abbas.

  • The Palestinians are armed with rockets, missiles and bombs and not simply “hopes and dreams”
  • The basic issue is NOT the settlements which began in 1968, not in 1948!  Unless, as Bibi pointed out that Abbas was claiming that the “Palestinian land that Israel occupied was Haifa, Tel Aviv, Joppa and Be’er Sheva.
  • Abbs consistently refused to respond to the continual peace initiatives Bibi offered.

Like an elementary school teacher Bibi rehearsed the historical record of a Jewish Jerusalem.  He did not need to further challenge Abbas’ claim that Israel occupied “Palestinian ancestral land.”

Over all Bibi was NOT in his best form.  I would have liked to hear him address Abbas’ speech point by point.  It was as though he had already given up.

While the applause was constant, it got smaller and smaller.

It’s a sad night indeed.

God is in control, but…

Yes, indeed the God of Israel is in control.  I rest in that reality especially on this Shabbat eve.

Nevertheless to deny the dangers and tribulations that lay ahead of all of us, here and throughout the world, is just plain denial.

The real question is, “Are we prepared?”

How will I, how will you, how will our countries face God’s judgment which MUST follow this blatant division of His Land?

Trials and tribulations will prove the genuineness of our faith.  They also give us opportunities to share the Gospel.

Recently I asked the question on Facebook, “What is mankind’s most urgent need?”  I was astounded that NO ONE responded, “salvation by grace through faith in Jesus.”

As for me, I will continue to prepare

  • my home to be a refuge
  • my spirit to know Him better
  • my neighbors and countrymen to meet Jesus, their Messiah

For the salvation of Israel,

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