Passover 2012 brought me to the small island country of Sri Lanka at the invitation of Prayer for Peace.  I was privileged to join the team from Women With A Mission.  We were indeed on a mission of love and hope.

My assignment was to remind the church of God’s promises through Abraham to “bless those who blessed his descendants and to curse those who cursed them.”  Since 1970 Sri Lanka suffered from their decision to expel the Israeli Embassy.

Hundreds of pastors and leaders heard the message “The Witness OF Israel” and the consequences of turning their back on the Jewish people and responded with deep repentance.  To those who committed to pray for and teach about Israel we presented the Israeli flag and a bookmark with seven Biblical reasons to pray for Israel.

I also had the privilege of teaching the  Feasts of the Lord to a group of pastors, many of whom had been celebrating some of them for years.  I was thrilled to hear their testimonies of church expansion and financial blessings since they had started celebrating Passover and Tabernacles.

The highlight of the trip was celebrating the Passover with my new and eternal friends.

I left with two prayers:

  • For the peace and prosperity of Sri Lanka.
  • For a soon return

Here are just some of the pictures from the trip.

My hosts: Prayer for Peace

Sowing hope by planting a tree


Vavunia worship team

My twin and dear translator

Excellent keyboardist!


Praying for Brian

He won my heart!

Tangible love – clothes & food distribution

Praying for Israel

Pastor praying for Israel


Women working in the fields by 6 AM

Maxwoods Tea Factory

Tea everywhere!

Sign on bathroom door!

Sri Lanka

Going to our Passover Seder

Welcome to Seder!

Here we go!

The 10th Annual Sri Lankan Seder


Something funny!

Pastor Edna reading

Pastor Wendi reading

The Four Questions

Raising the Cup of Sanctification

The Ecod – Matza bag

Breaking the middle matzo

Flute player in the tree house

Teaching the Feasts of the Lord

Mango + pineapple + apple = Heaven!

Our pineapples are so small and soooooo expensive

Fleeing from the beach after the tsunami warning



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