I was a nano second away from punching the guy, or at least shoving him.

I’m sorry if you’re disappointed to learn that your 65 year old friend, who stands 5’2″ and claims to be born-again has feet of clay! But then, you probably are NOT surprised. But did you know that there’s violence in my heart? The intensity of the desire to punch the guy’s lights out…really stunned me.

So what happened to cause such frustration?

I’d spent the day in Jerusalem fighting traffic, dodging cars parked everyplace they were not allowed, and being ignored.

Picture the shouk on Thursday late afternoon. The only time it’s more busy is Friday after noon with last minute shoppers preparing for Shabbat.

There seemed to be something in the air brought out the crazies.

A shopping cart blocked the entrance to a store and when I asked the customer to please move it, she stormed out fuming at me!

A gal offering tastes of her bread stood in the middle of the already crowded aisles gathering a group around her as she gave her sales pitch.

Old ladies pushing shopping carts vied for space with young mothers with baby carriages.

Vendors screamed out their decreasing prices creating a din in which you cannot think.

The bags I was carrying got heavier and heavier and made walking without bumping into people impossible.

Suddenly this guy appeared pushing an empty dolly. He almost ran into me and then just stopped in front of me to talk to someone.

Yep, one more second and he would have been toast!

This is a side of Israel that pilgrims and visitors never see. There is an atmosphere of violence that we breathe with every breath. Success to overcome and walk in God’s peace will come only by the Holy Spirit. But maybe you can pray for me!


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