“You have no right to be pregnant.”
“We cannot afford this baby.”
“I’m not ready to be a …”
“You’re just a child yourself.”

These words, spoken over a child in the womb will damage the child for the rest of his or her life. Although the words are spoken to or by the mother, transmits a spirit of rejection to the baby in her womb.

I know, I was such a child.

For years I went from counselor to counselor looking for the key to break me out of the bondage of rejection and fear of man. After I gave my life and heart to Yeshua, I truly hoped and expected the Holy Spirit to do whatever surgery necessary to bring me into freedom.

The tears were beyond number and the frustration beyond measure. I simply could not bring together what I knew about God with what I felt about God.

But what did God have to do with the problem of rejection? He certainly hadn’t rejected, abandoned or betrayed me?

Let me start with the problem and then I’ll share the wonderful solution.

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