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Repairing the Breach of antisemitism

The breach between Jewish and Gentile followers of Christ a) hinders the church, b) blinds the Jewish people from the Gospel and c) breaks the heart of God.  Follow the untold story of 2000+ years of anti-Semitic rhetoric which resulted in horrendous atrocities. The lies which began in 70 AD are still infecting and impacting the world today.  Understanding the problem enables us to repair the breach!

Celebrating the Feasts

God designed His feasts to: Remember His mighty acts of deliverance, Reveal His character, Recognize Jesus, Reflect on their significance to our lives today, and to Rejoice! Explore the historical, spiritual, prophetic and personal importance of each feast.  Remember it’s not about “how” but WHO we are celebrating!

Celebrate Passover

Joan Lipis’s celebration of the Seder meal is a joyful time of fellowship and a deeply meaningful experience!  Her exuberance and enthusiasm for this Feast of the Lord is contagious.  She simplifies the meaning of this profound historical event and raises it to a crescendo of praise to God’s delivering power.  Lipis captures the essence of the Passover and transforms your evening into a celebration of God’s Word, His power to deliver then and now and His promise of the Messiah who will one day reign as His coming King!   (Chris Mitchell, CBN Middle East Bureau Chief)   

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