Celebrate Jesus

Rejoice at God’s Appointed Times

God  gave Israel the Feasts of the Lord to always rejoice, remember  and celebrate His redemption and salvation through Messiah Jesus.

Everyone was invited to celebrate these feasts as God’s love extends to all people.  Today the holidays are still celebrated by both Jews and Christians who love the God of Israel and His Messiah.

Growing up in a Jewish home, I was somewhat familiar with the feasts. Although I didn’t know much about them, I knew they were an important part of our culture. At the beginning of every school year, all the Jewish children would be excused to attend the synagogue to observe the fall holidays. Later, I took a more serious interest in them. I was on a spiritual search and wanted to know more about my heritage and identity as a Jew. Yet, it wasn’t until I became a follower of Jesus that the holidays became important to me. Suddenly they had life, purpose, and meaning for my own life as I discovered that Jesus is the heart and prophetic fulfillment of every one of God’s holy days.

Because God chose Israel to be His witness to the rest of the world, the celebrations commemorate events in Israel’s history.  Through them God revealed His character and His plan of redemption through Jesus.

So the Feasts are continual reminders of God’s faithfulness and goodness.  They bind us together as a community and are anchors of our souls.  We:

  • Remember God in the past
  • Rest in Him in our present
  • Rejoice in Him for our future.

Jesus is the heart of every celebration. These are His feasts, the feasts of the Lord.  So it is He who is sending an invitation to all those who know and love Him to come to His parties. For this reason, I submit that the feasts are neither Jewish nor Israeli, but rather celebrations of the Kingdom of God, created to be enjoyed and embraced by us all, both Jew and Gentile.

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