Celebrate Jesus!

Can Christians Celebrate, Part 1

Celebrating the Jesus through the Feasts of the Lord would begin to repair the breach between Jewish and Gentile followers of Jesus. God gave them to His children to celebrate Him!

Can Christians Celebrate? (Part 1 video)

Which holidays we celebrate need not separate Jewish and Gentile Believers when we are celebrating Yeshua! WHO we celebrate is more important than "how" we celebrate.

Celebrate The Feasts of the Lord – Revisited

Sadly this issue continues to be a watershed issue bringing division instead of the potential joy and unity if Christians, both Jews and Gentiles, would celebrate Yeshua, Jesus, as the One New Man.

How to Celebrate the Feasts of the Lord?

“How should we celebrate the feasts of the Lord?” is a question I am constantly asked.  Are you wondering how to Celebrate the Feasts of the Lord? The answer is simple...."BE YOURSELF!"

Judaizing the church?

Who not how we celebrate is most important. If we're not celebrating Yeshua, we might be hurting the heart of God.

Pressured to Celebrate the Feasts of the Lord

Friends pressure friends to celebrate or not to celebrate the feasts of the Lord.  Sadly rather than celebrating Jesus in the feasts with the freedom of the Holy Spirit, there is a growing tendency to make observance of the feasts more of a burden than a celebration.

The Importance of Memories

Creating memories is important.  As we enter the final cycle of the annual feasts, let us remind ourselves why God gave us His feasts, the Feasts of the Lord.

The Parable of the Sea Shells

Remembering, rejoicing and resting are what the biblical feasts are all about. Celebrating Jesus through the biblical feasts are anchors for our souls

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