Creating memories is important.  As we enter the final cycle of the annual feasts, let us remind ourselves why God gave us His feasts, the Feasts of the Lord. Everything God does, from Creation to the Resurrection is to bring glory to Himself as He creates a Kingdom of priests to worship Him and fill the earth with their personal knowledge (from experience) of His character and His ways. The Feasts were opportunities for Israel to remember and celebrate and through those celebrations to share their personal experience and knowledge of their God. Continually God commands Israel to “tell your children.”   The Psalmists were constantly iterating that they would “declare, praise, tell, speak, proclaim” God’s goodness, especially to the next generation. Is not the act of worship a way of remembering and celebrating God? Sadly many of the Church today consider celebrating the Feasts of the Lord “going back under the Law.” But how can celebrating God and His mighty acts be anything but the joyous response to His Salvation?  Celebrating is a honor and a privilege. Recently I heard Ravi Zakarias give an excellent reason for celebrating the Feasts.  He was challenging all of us to build in memories within the family through ceremonies and symbols. WOW,  I couldn’t say it better.  Listen:

‘Maybe we are moving so fast that we cannot pause long enough to see the symbolic nature of some of the things we do. ‘We need to build memories into the lives of our children so that they will go through cetain ceremonies and symbols in their lives that they will miss when they have left home.  It will be a memory to them as long as they live. ‘Through these kind of memories, the value of the family goes up. ‘Treasured memories of home buildt around the family room build the kind of ceremonies and opportunities at home where God is being instructed in everything you do. ‘But this  will only happen when our own personal devtional life is striaghed out with God.’

Not only does the value of the family increase, but so does the sense of belonging to the larger community, Kingdom of God.  Sharing and celebrating a common history is one of the greatest blessings of the Feasts.

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