While I rejoice in the increasing interest among Christians regarding God’s feasts, I’m angered at the Judaizing that is infecting the Church.

Yeshua, Jesus, came to fulfill the law and the prophets.  While there is much in the prophets that remains to be fulfilled, Yeshua said His words were to be heard, believed and followed.

There are those who argue that since “Torah” is the word and the word became flesh, therefore if we are following Yeshua, we must follow Torah.

I suggest this is a major distortion of the Incarnation;  the Torah, as is the entire Tenach, is glorious and good, but Jesus is so much better.

So as we celebrate, let us ask ourselves what is most important: the HOW or the WHO we are celebrating?

If we are not celebrating Yeshua, Jesus, we are out of order and might be offensive to God Himself.

Furthermore I suggest there are five perspectives of the feasts, and all of them are important.  If any are either elevated or diminished, we might be out of alignment.  In ascending order of importance:

  • Seasonal – when does it occur?
  • National – a historical event in Israel’s history
  • Spiritual – revealing an aspect of God’s character
  • Redemptive – prophetic fulfillment by Yeshua
  • Kingdom – personal application to life


The bottom line is:

Let us follow and celebrate Yeshua with all our heart, soul and strength


worship Him in spirit, truth, humility and love. 

A simple but thorough resource for all the Levitical feasts, plus New Moon, Purim and Hanukkah.

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