A New Life: Prologue #3 (video)

A new home, a new city, a new family and a new culture....Church! What was I doing here? I'm a woman, a Jew from New York....

Confronted by the Church: Prologue #4 (video)

I experienced in a visceral way what the Jewish people have felt for thousands of years. More to the point, the pain and confusion that Jewish followers of Yeshua have felt. But we CAN make a difference.

It’s Personal: Prologue #1 (video)

My stories may surprise and even shock you, but you'll understand why the division between Jews and Gentiles is personal to me and painful to God. But there is a solution!

My Story: Prologue #2 (video)

I knew God existed, that He knew me and loved me. But I didn't know anything else...except I was absolutely sure that I didn't believe in Jesus!

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