Celebrating Pentecost (2009)

Thursday night a small group gathered to celebrate Jesus and His gift of the Holy Spirit. The fellowship was sweet as we watched the sun set over Mt Hood. Then it was time! We began in prayer, inviting the Spirit into our midst to bring conviction and cleansing to prepare us to stand in God’s holy and loving presence. Hostess Renee read from Acts 2  recounting the wonder of that day in Jerusalem when the Spirit fell. Then we went back to the beginning, reading God’s words to Moses recorded in Leviticus 23:15-21. Weeks (the Hebrew description of the feast) commemorates the second harvest, when Israel had begun to actually possess the land. We talked about the difference between taking and keeping the land and how that applies to our lives of salvation and sanctification. Everyone shared a personal testimony of God’s faithfulness over the past year. For me, those testimonies are such a highlight. As we share our lives, strangers become brethren and God is exalted. We continued reading applicable Scriptures and sharing our lives. Since Weeks is the first fruit of the summer harvest, we concluded our sharing time by asking God for a great harvest in the coming months. We prayed in agreement for a harvest of:

  • inexpressible joy
  • revelation of God’s love
  • clarity and direction
  • greater intimacy and obedience to the Holy Spirit

And o how we worshipped! Despite our lack of pleasant voices or instruments, a joyful noise was a sweet incense to our God. Communion concluded our worship. We added two unique elements

  • two loaves of bread
  • olive oil

On this holiday, the priest would wave two loaves of bread on one plate. For me this symbolizes the one new man of Jew and Gentile. Even in our midst were Jews and Gentiles. Johnathan and I spoke the blessing over the bread and the wine and then shared them with our Gentile brethren. There was something quite significant as that act represented the grafting in of the Gentiles. We then dipped the bread into the olive oil as we thanked God for His Holy Spirit. Not surprisingly we couldn’t get enough of that oil dipped bread. May your celebration of Weeks/Pentecost be as sweet.

weeks offering

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