There Were Two Trees

There were two trees in the garden. No not the Garden of Eden, but in my friend’s backyard.

One still had many leaves on it, but the other had lost most, leaving its branches bare.

The one tree seemed quite naked, exposed, and vulnerable. It seemed the perfect picture of….me! Naked, exposed, and vulnerable.

I thought about how many “leaves” we wear to try to cover our nakedness.

  • Leaves of performance which we think identify us.
  • Leaves of fear, anger and unforgiveness which keeps us in bondage.
  • Leaves of appearance, which distorts the image of God in us.
  • Leaves of relationships which can become idols replacing our relationship with God.

God was stripping me of my leaves and it wasn’t comfortable.  The only place I could hide my nakedness was in Him.  Then I realized that was exactly where He wanted me to be.  Only as I focused on Jesus could I learn who I really am – who God has made me to be.

I am seeing the miracle of His transformation.  The journey of discovery is often surprising and always joyous.  He has covered me with His acceptance and love.  My identity is totally in my Savior Jesus!




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