Hanukkah Brought Me Freedom!

Freedom isn’t free, and I have found a greater understanding of that statement.

Last weekend I decided to clear out all the Christmas decorations that have been more than a lifetime of collecting.  Some things were from my mothers childhood, my childhood and my children s, so there was a whole closet full of ‘things.’ There was a large Angel collection and several Nativity sets of various designs.  Some things I had set as treasures in my mind.  But….they are all gone now.  I am freed from the bondage of having to perform because it is expected of me, (decorating my house). I am freed from the clutter of a collection I really had no room for. (Now I have a closet to store clothes in).  I am freed from feeling that my possessions were crossing the line to becoming  idolatry.  I AM FREED!!  I can’t explain this feeling of being lighter, but I have shaken off a burden I didn’t realize I was carrying.  It is fantastic! I still love what Christmas stands for but I’m not bound to one day of one month of the year.  Christ should be celebrated every day and I intend to do just that. I have much to celebrate.  God’s gift of His Son, Christ’s taking my punishment on himself, His resurrection and the Holy Spirit’s prompting me to accept it all. Praise God for His Salvation!

This morning I finished reading about Hanukkah and really loved your paragraph about “religion.”  That is so good, and I’ve never heard it described like that.  I used to cringe when a friend would call me ‘religious’ and wish I could have shared that thought with her.  Thank you for the insight. I must say that I cried through some of it as God spoke to me.  I guess I have never understood praying for Jerusalem before.  I’m not sure my brain can handle all the directions God is taking my thoughts in such a short time.  WOW!


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Celebrate Jesus! The Christian Perspective of the Feasts of the Lord

Celebrate God’s Love: Christmas/Hanukkah: Fact & Fiction

Jesus Claims to be God

During the celebration of Hanukkah (John 10:22-42) Jesus made His last and most clear declaration of His Deity.  Sadly there are many today, both Jews and Gentiles, and even some Christians, who say that Jesus never claimed to be God. My response, “O YES He did!”  The proof is the response and reaction to those who heard Him.  The religious picked up stones and finally condemned Him for blasphemy saying “Because he, being a man claimed to be God.”  Others believed. At Hanukkah Jesus pointed to His words, His works and His witness. The problem was not with His ability to communicate, but with the people’s ability to hear. So that begs the question….”what will YOU do?”

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