“Life from the dead” was the Lord’s message through me today.

Israel has never been “my” message, as my focus has been evangelism of the lost and revival of the church.  “What” I thought “could I say about Israel that would stay in line with the focus of my life?”

The Lord’s answer came  after a week of praying and writing:

“You’ve called the Church to ‘fill the earth with the knowledge of My glory, and have mentioned Israel as one of the ways that I’ve manifested My glory, but you’ve never really appreciated the witness of Israel.

Perhaps you’ve experienced the way the Lord takes you deeper into His word…bringing “aha” moments about subjects when you thought you knew all there was to know.

That’s happened many times to me this week as I prepared for today.

I was reminded of God’s eternal love for Israel and His patient endurance while we’ve continuously rebelled and rejected Him.

I was reminded of the unique symbiotic relationship of the people and the land.

I was reminded of His promises to redeem His remnant and restore us to His land.

I was reminded of Israel’s purpose to witness God’s character to the Gentiles.

I was reminded that individuals, churches and nations will be judged by their attitude and treatment of Israel.

I was reminded that of being a Jewish follower of Jesus is a witness of God’s faithfulness.  Literally life from the dead!

But all this didn’t come easy as I prepared harder than ever before for today’s message.  It seemed that every morning God was giving me another revelation from my basic text of Romans 9-11.  Daily He led me to different passages from Zechariah, Isaiah, Hosea, Ezekiel and Jeremiah.  As much as I didn’t want to, I worked all day yesterday (Shabbat).  I awakened this morning with another download and printed off another version of the message.

Then, two paragraphs into the message this morning, I put down my notes….

The passion which came from the very depths of my being surprised me and put most of the congregants into discomfort.     Many later said that they’d never heard a message about or understood the reality of Israel.

It’s still too early to understand the impact on my life of today’s ministry.  I do know that the Gospel message was clearly presented and I believe that God was glorified.

I pray the lives of those who heard the message have been affected as much as mine has.

Rejoice O Gentiles with his people;

For He will avenge the blood of His servants

And render vengeance to His adversaries

He will provide atonement for His Land and His people.

Deuteronomy 32:43

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