The truths herein are not commonly known or understood. This was written by a young woman who’s only been in country for year. That she “got it” so fast reveals how God is using the younger generation! Please use the following for prayer. j
Hi everyone, and greetings from Israel where I am clinging to The Rock!

I have a prayer request, and I feel very urgent about it because it is starting to hit close to home and to my heart.

As an introduction: one thing that has become more and more clear is that life here in Israel is really hard and the laborers in the field are exhausted. Not only that, there is a growing contempt amongst the young people for Israel. The Zionist heart is fading under the pressure and rejection that it is constantly assaulting them. So many people are opting to leave so they can get a breath of “fresh air.”

I have a friend who works full time and lives in Jerusalem; his family is living under intense pressure. They made aliyah and were strong believers. My friend, the oldest in the family, is still is a strong believer, but he’s discouraged. His younger siblings are living worldy lives devoid of hearts that fear the Lord. His parent’s financial pressures are falling on his shoulders. He dreams of living in wide open spaces far away from Israel, where life is easy and he can hear God without the constant “noise” from Israel.

This is all too typical.

Another friend, she is young and is in a relationship. Her boyfriend wants to leave Israel before his army service because he doesn’t see any point in fighting for this land.

I talked to another guy who said that he loves Israel – the PEOPLE; however, he doesn’t care a dime for the land. He would be happy to live in a country other than Israel where there is no conflict.

Today I was talking to a friend and he asked me if I could think of one family in Israel that is working here in the land and generating money without help from abroad. I couldn’t think of anyone, but I am sure there are some, but they are few and far between. The majority of the body is struggling financially. Hardly anyone owns a car.

I remember one Israeli leader, a man of great vision, but wow, so exhausted. The need is so great here in Israel, just thinking about it can make you feel exhausted. I remember him saying that he wished he could just go to another country to rest. The battle is so intense here.

Then another huge prayer need is the body here in Israel. The congregational leaders are weary and their messages too rarely have the anointing that helps us break through. This is just being honest. And you know me, I always try and look for the good in things and extract the richness out of any situation. So I am not saying this with frill. And this is not just one congregation. This is felt all over Israel. There is such a MASSIVE need for discipleship and structure here. Feels like the messages are diluted milk, and we are hungry for meat. What I hear people saying, and I confess I would have to agree with them, is that the congregation is not always the best place to plug a new believer into. How can this be when the Word of the Lord should be coming forth from Zion? I want to see Israel as a place where believers will come and be refreshed and encouraged.

One friend told me that his grandparent, who was one of the pioneers of Israel, said that if he knew how Israel would turn out – then he would never have come here. Ouch!

Really, the Holy Land is not holy. There is so much sin here: abortion, human trafficking, corruption in the government, cheating is almost accepted in relationships here, lovers of pleasure, lovers of money, hate, legalism, etc. I look around and I see lost people. I ride a bus and see broken people. You can see it in their faces. There is so much pain, financial pressure, frustration, anger, fatigue, rudeness, bending rules, etc.

Another friend just came back from America. He had an amazing time where he was hosted by wonderful loving people. They treated him with love and respect. Then coming back he was a little sad this time, because he knew that all those restful, happy feelings would fade away by the pressure, guilt tripping, cheating, rudeness of Israel. He was saying that he could easily live a healthy lifestyle in the States. Get a good job, have a stable income, protect his children from worldliness, etc. It would be the easy life. However, he feels that God has called him to Israel and he has poured out his heart serving the body here and his friends, ministering on the streets, working hard, etc., and in the end – nothing to show for it. I would say he is discouraged; please, please pray for him.

Ah, so this is just a very general perspective. I know this is not what we want to hear, it taints the picture. I’ve been here almost a year and the Israel “shimmer” has lost it’s shine…


I look outside my window and I have so much faith, love and hope in my heart. I know that God has called me here for a purpose. That I know. I am called to be part of the restoration of Israel! And I know that God is going to continue to do supernatural things in the near future as He brings His people home.

I was riding the bus the other day and I was watching people. Sometimes I wonder if anyone has ever prayed for them, so I say a little prayer that God would save each and every one of them. Anyway, as I was thinking and praying to God about the situation in Israel, I strongly felt that He is hearing our prayers. So I fervently ask for you all to PRAY!

Watchmen arise!

Please join me in fervent prayer for the following needs and others that the Lord may lay on your hearts for Israel and her people:

– For the young people here in Israel, that they would look to God to fill every void in their lives

– that God will give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness

– that they would stand strong and not be discouraged
– that God would pour out His chesed, His loving kindness and encouragement on the laborers in the body here

– that God would purify and strengthen the body here for the battles that lie ahead
– and raise up godly discipleship for the young believers
– that God’s loving heart for Israel would be poured out in a fresh way
– that the people here in Israel would fully turn to their God
– financial stability for the believing families
– that all of Israel would be saved
– that the Word of the Lord will go forth powerfully from Zion

We already know the end of the story – God is going to pour out His beautiful clean water on His people and turn their hearts of stone into hearts of flesh! Ezekiel 36 is filled with His promises and He is watching over His word to perform it. Why? For the glory of His great Name! Because it’s all about Him!

His heart still beats strong for His beloved Israel, and as believers we can be part of this great love story of the return of God’s people from all four corners of the globe and for the restoration of Israel, because all this is a prelude to the return of Messiah!! Let’s shake the heavens with our prayers!

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