Testimony from Jina

This past weekend I went to the meetings where Joan Lipis was speaking and was blown away! I am still relishing the way the Spirit moved in so many of our lives in such an intimate, wonderful way. Even though I have 20+ notes from the two days together, the BIGGEST things I took away are not written down, they were EXPERIENCED in the lives of those who attended.

The LORD used Joan in several key areas: teaching, prophetic, correction.

I saw the LORD use Joan to free up some of the bondage which was creeping in and bring healing to some who were in great need.

The gift of balancing the TRUTH of the WORD as well as Life application was relevant and alive!

Speaking directly about the Feasts, I appreciated hearing “there is no right or wrong way to do them” and to follow the example of love as we attempt to shine to the world Jesus’ life.

The books are such a great help, I’m so thankful the Body has Joan and I hope other’s experience her valuable gift.

Testimony from Jerry

Thank you, Joan, for allowing yourself to be a vessel of our Father’s Love, Grace, Mercy, Freedom.

I was so moved after the first meeting that I had a difficult time speaking/sharing what God had done, and then there was the second session! I am still contemplating the experience.

When you taught on standing in (interceding) for others and declaring the verbal “blessing”, I was powerfully moved by God. The Holy Spirit is the only one (not the man you were teaching) who knew the points our Father was healing through the words. He spoke directly to deep wounds that I have carried for almost 30 years. Thank you! I am changed because of our time together. I hope that there will be many more times that our lives will cross.

The books are a great reminder of our time together and I am mulling the wisdom that is poured out through the pages. I am gaining a much deeper understanding of our Father’s love for His people, and an understanding of how I fit into His plan.

I have also gained a better understanding of faith.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. I now understand that trusting in His faithfulness is what faith actually consists of and this makes everything fit together so perfectly! Faith is not blind.

It is the only logical conclusion to the evidence as set forth in the history of the world and the Jewish people whom God chose to reveal Himself through so that all men could know Him!

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