November 2008 I arrived in Portland, OR for what was to be a three month hiatus. Some of my advisers had been suggesting (rather forcefully) that I consider staying a bit longer. We all had differing goals for my time here, but at the top of everyone’s list was REST!

Israel is a difficult place to live and even more to minister. The spiritual forces found in other nations of the world coalesce in Israel. Someone once said, “You can push Satan out of your city, but he will back into Jerusalem.” One cannot really appreciate the reality of the spiritual battle over and for Israel until one has lived there for more than three years. I wonder if there is even a more intense battle for those of us who are Jewish believers, as by our very existence we are witnesses to the veracity of God’s word.

So, after these many months, I am returning home.

Have I rested? Admittedly, not really. There was always a long “to do” list. But somewhere in the midst of it all, God restored my vision, my passion and my determination to continue the race He’s set before me.

Looking back it was quite a journey, full of twists and surprises. The #1 lesson learned was that I could (but often didn’t) trust God. This was a crucial (to trust) but devastating (that I didn’t) lessor to learn and one which prepared me to return into the unknown and uncertain.

The second lesson was one of experience…sharing life and space with another person 24/7. I’d never lived with anyone before for an extended time. Pat was God’s perfect choice to teach me the joys of sharing life. God gave Pat a priceless gift of hospitality and generosity which i was always ready to receive. She being such an excellent model, I hope I did likewise.

God also blessed me with an unsurpassed working space. More than 28 ministries shared the same space and resources and the networking which went on naturally in the hallways expanded the Kingdom of God exponentially!

I admit there were a few months that I questioned whether I wanted to return to the land of insanity and intensity!

So in just a few hours, this plane will touch land and I’ll begin the next phase of my journey – possessing my possession – the land of my fathers. I think I’m a bit too tired or maybe it’s the protocol of steroids for the challenge of my colon, but my emotions are rather flat.

Tomorrow is another day.

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