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- Pastor Cloyse

After reading all your notes, I couldnt believe the amount of details you covered. 

I was oblivious to know what Gods people have gone through.  It was a real eye-opener.  Now that I understand, I have stepped up my prayer life.

We know that God is righteous, fair, and just; His plan will prevail.

- Chuck Goldberg, MD

You gave such insight into why we Jews feel the way we do.

As a Jewish follower of Yeshua, I knew bits and pieces of this history, but you put all the pieces together.  For those who have been personally affected by the Holocaust through the loss of family members, it can be overwhelming, but necessary.

- Pastor David

I found myself getting angry. I had to question so much of what I had been taught about the “church fathers” who I know recognized had an intense hatred for the Jews. Or they didn’t recognize God’s unique relationship with His firstborn son.

- Nancy

Wonderful!  Opened my eyes, I now understand so much more.  Questions have been answered.  Now it makes sense why the Jewish people have such intense emotions about Christians. But the Lord’s words gave me so much encouragement.  Thank you for letting me see the “Jewish side.” You answered the “Why’s”

Kathy G. - Jewish Believer

Thank you Joan for repenting on behalf of Jewish followers of Christ for their resentment against the church; that was the missing piece for me.  I never before knew what was buried in my heart.

Kathy I.

There was so much to take in I really so need more time to process.  Can you come back and teach for a week?


I’m still upset, just so many emotions that are painful.  I don’t know what to do or how to fix the problem.  Honestly, I just feel dirty. I know the only answer is Jesus.


Wonderful information.

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