Yom Kippur was the most somber of all God’s holy days and reminds us all of the importance of being sanctified and holy before the Lord.

  • On Yom Kippur the people were to do NO work, and yet it was the busiest day of the year for the High Priest.  What does that mean to us who have been made “priests and kings before our God?”  The work of the Priest was to stand before God for the people.  In other words, the priests were to make intercession.  Until the Lord returns, does the work of intercession on behalf of others ever end?  Let us also remember that Yeshua is EVER making intercession for us.
  • The number of times the priest had to wash: 5 full body washes, 10 washes of feet and hands.  Does this not reflect the importance of being clean before God?
  • The number of times the priest had to change his clothes.  When doing the routine sacrifices for Shabbat, he wore the golden garments, representing the bride of God.  For Yom Kippur rituals, he changed into white linen, thus reflecting humility, being one of the people.  Does that not challenge us all, especially those in full time ministry, to live and walk as servants shunning the exaltation of man.
  • Atonement was made for the people of the nation, thus manifesting the importance of the individual to the community – one person’s sin affects the whole.
  • Every thing, everyone in God’s service required atonement.

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