From good friends, Jina & Jerry Ezell and family

Using your material gave my husband and myself the courage and desire to host our own full Seder/Passover Meal.  We invited a close family who is also interested in the completion of Jesus in the Feasts and just asked the LORD to come and teach us.

Unfortunately we decided at the last minute and were not able to contact you for more copies of the Haggadah, so I just penciled in the names of the adults who would be reading aloud and printed on small 3×5 cards the words of the questions for the children and various verses.

Having heard you share a few months ago on “the spirit of the feasts” gave us clarity on the freedom to bring our personalities and familial culture to the table.  I have participated in only one other full-meal apx. 20 years ago, therefore, I didn’t remember some of the small things which I will bring next time (ie. Plenty of matzoh to go around as well as the matza for the soup).  We had quite a few praise songs interspursed (not the Hebrew ones in the book), some readings from the Bible, several discussions and a spontaneous dance from some of the children.

I’m glad we began early (5:00) because after the dinner/seder (took 3 ½ hours), we continued to share in fellowship and the LORD until after midnight.

We are looking forward to this week of celebrating Jesus – as He is the Unleavened Bread and the Firstfruit of Ressurrection!  Also, we are counting up to Shavuot (Pentacost) during the next 52 days!  We bless you and praise God for His continual outpouring of the Holy Spirit through you!

Sincerely, Jerry & Jina Ezell

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