Feasts of the Lord

God’s feasts commemorate His mighty acts of deliverance for Israel. But each of the feasts, both the Levitical feasts plus those mentioned elsewhere were or will be fulfilled by Yeshua.

and are thus worthy to be celebrated by the One New Man (Jews and Gentiles.) Furthermore, each of the feasts has significant application to our lives today.

Included are several important national holidays celebrated in Israel. 

Romans 9-11

God’s unique relationship with Israel is indisputable and easy to understand as we pray through Paul’s thesis meant to correct the rising anti-Semitism by the early church.

The Fear of the Lord

We know that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but it also is the foundation of a righteous life.


It’s a good idea to start with the first Feast at the beginning of the new year.


Feast of First Fruits. 

Fall Feasts

Each of the feasts has significant application to our lives today. 

Festival of Lights

Salvation of the Jews – Esther


From Death to Life

Tisha b’av

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