My day started early…a bit of jet lag? Maybe excitement? Maybe something I ate last night?

Perhaps all of the above.

For on this first Shabbat I’m back in the Land, I’m heading to the City of the Great King!


The very name evinces excitement. Over the years millions of pilgrims have come to the City seeking its beauty and magic. There really are no words to describe the wonder of this city.

Countries have fought over her and will continue to fight until her Ruler and King returns.

Meanwhile, those of us to live and love her live our lives one day at a time. For me, among the many other things that Jerusalem is, it is the place where I get my hair cut. You say, “How mundane” but that’s the reality of Jerusalem. It is a real city with real people doing real life.

So in another hour, camera in hand, I’ll go “up” to Jerusalem and walk through the Jaffa Gate to find Jamil… a cherished friend and brother in Christ.

Then I’ll head the Wall where I will surreptitiously take some pictures. This being Shabbat makes picture taking unacceptable.

Then as the sun sets, I’ll join my friends Bella and Simcha (meaning joy) on the beach to hand out evangelistic literature and enjoy some Israeli folk dancing.

Jerusalem and Jesus! What a wonderful way to spend Shabbat.

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