This has been a very long and exhausting day. BUT it has also been a productive day as I was able to arrange for Internet service and a land line. I know to Americans that doesn’t sound like a great achievement, but here in Israel it took almost two full days of phone calls to accomplish the herculean feat.

Life in Israel has always been challenging, especially as I’m limited in the language. But I discovered these two days that this is not the same Israel.

People seem to be unwilling to extend themselves beyond their own comfort zone, regardless of the customer needs. They are also much more aggressive than in the past and lie with impunity. Consider the Internet provider.

My Hebrew speaking friend got me past the all Hebrew menu and talked to a customer service representative. Bella explained that I was already a customer and wanted to expand the service. Would the sales rep please talk to me in English. “No” was the immediate answer. Rarely will anyone admit to speaking English although almost every Israeli is quite fluent. “Someone will call her back in four hours” was the promise.

No one called back.

So we called again and went through the same conversation. Again no one called back. So we started again today.

Same promise, same outcome.

After four more calls, I spoke to a supervisor who now made the promise of a call back…and that promise too was broken.

Finally I got past the menu and actually spoke to a sales person who WOULD speak to me and take the order.

Now multiply that by four different companies and you’ll understand the last two days of my life.

No, this isn’t the same Israel. Something is definitely in the air.

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