Flying over Mt Hood was breathtaking.  I was glad for a window seat – the first time I didn’t have a aisle seat.

The flight was easy, punctuted by bouts of sleeping, watching movies (nothing of value) and reading, “The Blind Spot (ignoring all the football trivia).

Inside Ben Gurion, a group of back coated religious huddled facing east saying their evening prayers. I was home!

My good friend Bella met me and shuttled me to Ashdod and to an ocean side restaurant for hummus and pita.  “Look at all those policeman” Bella mused.  “It must be a bomb from near by Gaza.  Something is going on.”

“Something” was forgotten in the face of Diago, our waiter, who had a heart for God and for music.  We prayed that he would soon be so filled with the love and knowledge of God that he would become a Psalmist like King David.

Suddenly the entire restaurant shook and I saw a bright flash.

“Something” had become SOME THING.

We were soon evacuated so the police could continue looking for bombs.

All agreed that this was revenge for the death of a Hamas leader in Dubai several days ago. The Israelis were blamed and Hammas vowed retaliation.  In the last two days, 55 gallon drums containing large bombs were floted to the shore waiting to be detonated and cause much destruction.  Instead it was the police who detonated the bombs – and no one was hurt.

Yes I’m home!  And with a bang!

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