Shavua tov! That is the greeting which means, “Good week” for Sunday begins Israel’s work week. Remember, the Bible records that Jesus rose “on the first day of the week.” Doesn’t that make sense that we should begin our week remembering and celebrating the Resurrection – the beginning of new life!!

As for me, today brings another trip to Jerusalem to visit cherished friends and celebrate the Resurrection. I look forward to worshiping in both English and Hebrew with the freedom to dance, clap and shout!

Yesterday’s trip to Jerusalem was fun. The roads on Shabbat were pretty empty which always makes traveling easy. The shuk was packed with tourists and religious, the former strolling slowly looking at the vendors’ stalls while the latter pushed their way through the crowds on their way to synagogue.

Seeing so many tourists was a blessing to my heart although they make it hard to get through the narrow shuk walks. One day I’ll take some pictures so you can see the reality of this very old and very middle east “shopping mall.”

Being Saturday, the Arab run hair salon was full of bridal parties. Jamil, the owner of the salon is truly an artist and has a fantastic staff. The girls come for the whole works – make-up, nails, hair. Preparation is truly an all day event. I love to watch Jamil at work although he’d prefer I come on a different day.

I chose discretion over desire and didn’t try to take pictures at the Wall….that’ll be for another day. I was eager to get to the beach.

The traffic on the promenade was slow but steady. I stopped everyone with a cheery greeting so they paused at our literature table. Some only gave the books a cursory glance, but most stopped to ask questions. Sadly language prevented me from participating in the discussions, but I was pleased that I was able to contribute what I did.

But that didn’t mean I didn’t have an intense conversation.

The question of Israel was the heated topic with another believer, one who had recently made “aliyah.” (Aliyah is the process of Jews or spouses of Jews to claim citizenship in Israel.)

I understood his perspective and also the confusion coming from spiritualizing all God’s promises to the Jewish people and applying them to the church. By cutting out God’s covenant promises to ethnic Israel, one also eliminates the Messianic Kingdom…1,000 years of future redemptive history! I never realized how desperately the church needs to understand the totality of God’s word and it’s literal application to Israel, to the church and to every believer.


Now it’s time to begin my week. May you have a great week in Jesus!

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